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  • 707-654-1176 Public Safety
  • 707-654-1111 Public Safety (EMERGENCY)
  • 707-654-1000 Front Desk
  • 707-654-1183 Mail Room
  • 707-654-1359 Quarter Deck
  • 707-654-1090 Library
  • 707-654-1312 EOS
  • 707-654-1208 Gate House
  • 707-654-1195 CDO
  • 707-654-1302 Bridge
  • 707-654-1071 Career Center
  • 707-654-1275 Financial Aid
  • 707 654-1186 Bookstore
  • 707-654-1170 Health Center
  • 707-654-1048 IT Help Desk
  • 707-654-1030 Cashiers Office
  • 707-654-1120 Facilities
  • 707-654-1212 Dining Services
  • 707-654-1200 or 1203 Student Records
  • 707-642-7536 MOUNTAIN MIKES PIZZA
  • 707-554-3030 PACIFICA
  • 707-554-6600 DOMINOS
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Saturday Trip to Calistoga for Lighted Tractor Parade
Roy D. Mercer:  If these tractors aren't a pullin, im gunna unleash a 55 gallon drum of ass whoopin

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Oceanography Club Movie Screening

By Murray | Mar 3th 2015

The Oceanography club will be screening “Racing with Copepods” on Wednesday, March 11th, 2015.  More information is on the flyer below


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REMINDER For Important Stuff

By Murray | Mar 3th 2015

Off Campus Petition and Educator Module due at the end of the month.  Can be found here.

Cruise Fees final due date is March 30th.

Finals Schedule posted below.  It has been updated.

AS Elections coming up.  Remember to vote for that and whether or not you’re for or against the Rec Fee that has been proposed.

Changeover tickets are still for sale during lunch and dinner times this week.  It is March 21.

Spring Pause is the 28-31 of March.

Have a Good One.

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Looking for a house for the 2015/2016 school year?

By mmidgley | Feb 2rd 2015

4 bedroom house for rent located in glen cove

$2400/ month

Lease starts in May

Contact for details.

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To all 3-Year Cadets

By mmidgley | Feb 2nd 2015

Fellow 3-Year Cadets,
To help reduce the $$ Cost $$ of attendance for 3-Year Cadets please email me at to take part in an upcoming meeting with administration. It can benefit all 3-years, and the more numbers we have the more convincing we are. Participation is simply showing up to the meeting to help us have a presence.

I look forward to your responses!

Kendall Beaver

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