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Login Support

So if you have been having issues with the corps accounts, direct them towards here.

If you have issues with the logins for peoplesoft and the like not being on MY website, you will need to log in individually but I will gladly leave hotlinks at the top soon. If that isn’t good enough, then shut up and use MyCalmaritime. No one is forcing you to use my site and you aren’t paying for it.

C-Nav stuff is available to you all under the “pages” drop down. If you are on your phone. Remember to tap the three horizontal lines.

Assist An Alumni In Need

Daniel Metcalf (2013-MET) is seeking a few cadets to help look after his dog while he is away. The way it will most likely be is a rotation of people watch him during running errands and such so the dog can stretch and get some socialization in  Daniel works 3 week rotations so this would be on and off. For more information, email Daniel at dmetcalf808@gmail.com.

Earn Cash For Winter Break

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY: Outdoor work for a senior citizen couple cleaning up junk. The area is Carquinez Highlands Mobile Home Park next to “Freshmen Hill.” It should take about 6-8 hours to complete and the pay is $10/hour.

Contact JoEllen at jmyslik@csum.edu or her office at 707-654-1412.