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  • 707-654-1176 Public Safety
  • 707-654-1111 Public Safety (EMERGENCY)
  • 707-654-1000 Front Desk
  • 707-654-1183 Mail Room
  • 707-654-1359 Quarter Deck
  • 707-654-1090 Library
  • 707-654-1312 EOS
  • 707-654-1208 Gate House
  • 707-654-1195 CDO
  • 707-654-1302 Bridge
  • 707-654-1071 Career Center
  • 707-654-1275 Financial Aid
  • 707 654-1186 Bookstore
  • 707-654-1170 Health Center
  • 707-654-1048 IT Help Desk
  • 707-654-1030 Cashiers Office
  • 707-654-1120 Facilities
  • 707-654-1212 Dining Services
  • 707-654-1200 or 1203 Student Records
  • 707-642-7536 MOUNTAIN MIKES PIZZA
  • 707-554-3030 PACIFICA
  • 707-554-6600 DOMINOS
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Academic Training Officer Application

By mmidgley | Sep 9th 2014

Corps Academic and Training Officer: The Corps Training and Academic Officer is responsible for all aspects of training for the Corps including indoctrination, health, safety, ethics, core values, diversity awareness and harassment and all other leadership development training.  The Academic and Training Officer will also work closely with the Dean’s Office on all Academic matters.  The Academic and Training Officer report to the Corps Executive Officer.  (This is not an assigned cruise position.)
(1) Duties and Responsibilities: The duties and responsibilities of the Corps The Academic and Training Officer include but are not limited to: • Coordinate with Company Commander to ensure the completion of all required training on schedule.
• Act as a liaison/representative between the Corps and the faculty. • Attend all Executive Committee meetings of the Academic Senate as a non-voting member. • Attend all meetings of the General Senate. • Track the completion rate for the training program by Division. • Ensure oversight of study halls and study habits of the freshmen. • Establish and supervise the tutor program. • Ensure cadet retention data is tracked by Division. • Ensure academic average is tracked by Division. • Oversee the Company and Division Training and Academic Officers. • Plan and administer the Honor Division competition. • Attend weekly meetings with key Corps staff members.

Qualifications: Demonstrated leadership capabilities, scholastic standing, and personal character are major criteria used in the selection of cadet officers.  An applicant’s past actions and conduct record should reflect a commitment to uphold the standards of Cal Maritime.  A cadet is ineligible to serve as an officer if:  His/her Cumulative Grade Point Average is below 2.5, his/her previous semester’s GPA was below 2.0, or if he/she has had an alcohol violation and/or been on conduct probation in the 12 months immediately prior to the current application deadline.
(1) Knowledge, skills and abilities. Below are the traits required and expected in all officers
• Must be a 1/C or 2/C cadet of their respective major at Cal Maritime
• Must have one full year of academic standing remaining prior to graduation
• Complete minimum one training cruise prior to selection (Deck & Engine)
• Complete all requirements for advancement within the Corps of Cadets
• Maintain the highest standard of personal appearance, ethical behavior, diversity awareness, and adherence to the Corps Values. • Set an example for all other cadets to emulate in and out of uniform
• Participate in improving Cal Maritime and solving problems
• Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information
• Ensure balance between Corps work and personal/ academic work
• Identify and adapt to changes and lead in view of those changes
• Work within a team to develop a vision, direction and results
• Interface effectively with seniors, peers, and subordinates
• Maintain a 2.5 cumulative or higher GPA


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Admissions office work over summer

By mmidgley | Apr 4nd 2014

The Admissions Office is looking to hire students over the summer for tours (11am-12pm) and to cover the office during work days 10am-2pm.

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Volunteers needed for CMA Day

By mmidgley | Apr 4th 2014

Volunteers are needed for this Saturdays event, Cal Maritime Day, April 12. We are looking for tour guides from 9am-1230pm. Volunteering counts for campus stewardship hours. Those interested should contact me (James Hernandez —




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Bridge Sim II

By mmidgley | Mar 3th 2014

Registrations for Bridge Sim II course are now being accepted in the Extended Learning Department. Class dates are June 30th – July 9th. Cost is $2400. A 50% deposit will secure a spot for you in the class. Various instructors will be conducting the course because of the various sections. A subsequent announcement will go out when we determine how many sections will be offered and the course schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Bessie Alaniz
(707) 654-1157

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